Wyze Cam V2

I’ve always wanted to catch something miraculous on video. A sasquatch, an alien, the pesky creep living in my attic – you know just something cool like that. Don’t fall prey to the grainy video footage you see from security cameras. You need a high powered and high definition camera for whatever use you are using it for.

Wyze Cam is just that! Now on the second, more improved version, Wyze Cam packs a punch with a 1080p camera, motion tagging technology, and a high quality sound amplifier for clear playback. You can place the camera just about anywhere with a strong adhesive. The best part is the video streams through WiFi and has a 14 day memory in the cloud. This is truly a powerful camcorder and comes at the best price on the market!

You get the most bang for your buck with Wyze Cam. Whether you need a pet cam, a security cam, or an extraterrestrial detection camera this is a perfect cam for you. At the price, you can afford to fully secure your home with multiple cameras.

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