Top 15 Father’s Day Gift Ideas

As Father’s Day fast approaches, we find ourselves scrambling to find Dad something that he would like. Another tie? Ehh, I don’t think so. This year we are not going with the same old gifts! It’s time to spoil your dad a little bit with something he will really enjoy. Get him a gift that he will use or see everyday, and he’ll always think of you and be thankful to have you as a kid, or a spouse. You might even become his favorite child, but ssshhhh don’t tell your siblings.


Father’s Day is Sunday, June 18th so don’t procrastinate too much longer! Take a look at 15 of our favorite gift ideas that Dad is sure to love. We have ranked them in ascending order from least expensive to most expensive, so there are ideas for every budget.


  1. Self-Stirring Mug- $10.99

The self-stirring coffee mug is a really nifty and useful gift. If your dad drinks coffee every morning, and 80% of adults do drink coffee daily, this might be the gift for him! Especially if he adds cream or sugar to his morning cup-o-joe, with just the click of a button he can whirr it around and keep it perfectly mixed. Even if Dad is badass and drinks it black, this mug will prevent that sludgy mess of grinds from accumulating at the bottom of the cup.

Imagine, your dad wakes up in the morning, groggy eyed and lets out a big yawn. His only thoughts are of caffeine. He pulls out the self-stirring mug and with a smile gives his delicious, sweet pick-me-up a whirl as his thoughts shift to you. He thinks of the perfect offspring he has created that would spoil him so with such a thoughtful present. And for the price, it doesn’t break the bank. Maybe you could get one for Mom too!



  1. Camino Island (John Grisham)- $17.37

John Grisham used to work as a lawyer and that is how he is so able to masterfully craft this law thriller. If your dad loves reading books, then he would love Camino Island. This book involves a heist of the Princeton University Firestone Library, where they house many valuable, often priceless, books and manuscripts. A small time rare book dealer, part-time black market seller, has his world turned upside down in this wonderfully written novel your dad is sure to love.



  1. Whiskey Barrel Coffee- $29.95

If you’re feeling really generous you could buy your dad this Whiskey Barrel Coffee and add on the self-stirring mug. Either way, this coffee is delicious by itself. If your dad loves coffee, whiskey, and trying new things he will definitely love this!

For the price of $29.95 you get three 4oz bags of different coffee beans. Two of which are aged in different whiskey barrels and one is aged in a rum barrel. These coffee beans are small batch roasted and aged, and the company only uses the highest quality beans, which they say only has a 90+ point taste profile. That seems pretty grade-A to us!



  1. Klikel Ingrid 8 Piece Whiskey Set- $36.20

I know my dad enjoy a glass of whiskey before bed on occasion. This whiskey set is a perfect gift for those fathers who enjoy a nightcap. The set comes with 6 old-fashioned whiskey glasses, a decanter, and a mirrored tray. Having a nice glass set and decanter instantly makes you feel more classy. It’s also one of those gifts that he can use over and over, and will think of you as he admires the crystal clear glass. Spoil your fathers this year guys, he deserves it.



  1. Philips Norelco Vacuum Beard Trimmer- $49.95


Not only do Philips Norelco razors and trimmers work well, but also this vacuum trimmer will save you the hassle of having to clean up all the hair around your sink. Plus, it will prevent any clogs in the drain from excess hair. So if we save dad from little pricklies around the sink and clogging the drain, all we have to do is help mom from clogging up the shower drain. Hmmmm, might we suggest the TubShroom Drain Protector and Hair Trap.

Anyways, this vacuum beard trimmer claims to catch 90% of your beard hairs, which is pretty phenomenal. The suction also pulls the hairs up and forward so you get a closer shave without any stragglers. This is a unique and extremely useful gift. Don’t think of it just as a Father’s Day gift, think of it as an investment in your dad’s shaving future. Giving him this trimmer is not to say, “Dad, you’re looking like a hobo and you need to shave.” No, it’s saying, “Dad, I want you to have this super cool trimmer that sucks up those pesky hairs leaving you with a clean and stylish trim.” Plus, it comes with 20 length settings so whether your dad has a ZZ Top beard or just some 5 o’clock shadow, he is covered.


  1. ThinCharge Case- $49.95

This is a great Father’s Day present for multiple kinds of dads. The first is the businessman dad. He make’s phone calls all day long or is sending emails, fixing logistical problems through text, or even is on social media throughout the day. All of these activities drain a phone battery. ThinCharge is the thinnest charging case on the market and will extend the time that Dad is able to get things done. Plus, if you are on your phone for many hours of the day you don’t want to deal with a bulky, too large to fit in your hand phone case. ThinCharge fixes this issue.

The second is the forgetful dad. As dads age they become more forgetful, this is a classic dad thing. If your dad leaves his phone all over the house and forgets, chances are he also forgot to plug it in at night so he would have a 100% battery in the morning. Boom! ThinCharge to the rescue. All he needs to do is slap that bad boy on there and he can get a full charge on the way to work.

The third of dad that would love ThinCharge as a gift is the trendy, tech savvy dad. If your dad is always up to date on the latest gadgets and likes checking out the newest technologies, then he would love a sleek and efficient charging case that doesn’t make his phone look like a brick. Say hello to Favorite Child Status kids!



  1. Amazon Echo Dot- $49.99

The Amazon Echo Dot is just a great gift overall. With Bluetooth capability, Alexa voice control, music, news, audiobooks, alarm options, and everything under the sun makes this product a great companion for the home. Just imagine your dad getting ready in the morning “Alexa, how’s the traffic today?” or while he is choosing what to wear “Alexa, what’s the weather forecast?” or maybe once he gets home and is relaxing, winding down for bed drinking a cup of whiskey “Alexa, read me Camino Island by John Grisham”. There are so many uses for the Echo Dot that your dad would love this for a gift.


  1. Tile Mate (4 pack) – $69.99


We’re sure you have heard of the Tile Mate or at least the concept. Put one on your keys and if you lose them just use the app and make the little Tile ring so you are able to locate it. This 4 pack comes with two Tile Slim which are thin enough to slide into a wallet or you can even stick it to a laptop, and two Tile Mate that you can put on your key ring or through it right into your bad. Never lose your stuff again! If you happen to lose your phone, use one of the Tiles by pressing the button causing your phone to ring, even if it is on silent! This is an innovative product that solves the issue so many of us, especially dads, face on a day-to-day basis.


  1. Monogram iPhone Docking Station- $73


These are such beautifully made pieces of all natural oak wood. This is not just a docking station, it’s a desk organizer or dresser caddy as well. Give your dad the gift of a great looking organizer for all of his essentials so he will never lose his things again (if he can remember to put them there in the first place). There is an eye glasses slot, a hook for watches, the dock for phone charging, and two slots for miscellaneous items such as car keys, chapstick, or any other essential. They thought of everything when designing this! Also, you can get his initials laser engraved right into the wood so it is way more special. Trust us he will love this!


  1. Commemorative Gold Record- $84

If there is one things Dads love it’s nostalgia, and classic rock. If your dad jams out with his air guitar and drums to old songs from his glory days, then a Commemorative Gold Record is perfect for him. You can seriously find almost any artist you are looking for like AC/DC, Aerosmith, Michael Jackson, Motley Crue, Pink Floyd, The Rolling Stones, and many more! Be the Father’s Day hero with this amazing gift.



  1. BucknBear Knives- $99


Check out these beautiful knives. These high quality hunting and folding knives are created by forging two different alloys together, usually steel and iron, which creates that wavy pattern. Not only are these knives extremely cool looking but they are made with premium materials and sharp to boot!

If your dad is a hunter, a knife collector, or just all around outdoorsman these knives would be a great gift. He would appreciate the craftsmanship and utility of such a great knife. In the case he has many knives, with a gift like this his BucknBear knife would immediately become his favorite.



  1. Fitbit Alta- $129.95


The Fitbit Alta is one of the newer fitness trackers in the Fitbit line. It is one of the least bulky yet most functional of the Fitbits. The Alta can track heart rate, workouts, sleep patterns (yes you can wear it while you sleep), and even get text and calendar notifications. Comfortable enough to wear everyday, your dad will thank you for it.

This is a great Father’s Day present for those dads who are active or looking to become more health conscious. It looks good, can be used everyday, and your dad might even learn a bit about himself.



  1. Ray Bans- $150+


If your dad doesn’t have a pair of nice sunglasses, well, it’s time to help him out with that! Yes, Ray Bans are some of the most well known sunglasses out there, but there is a reason for that. They look stylish, they are well made, and they’ll take your dad into Cool Dad status.

Classic Wayfarers, maybe some Clubmasters or Aviators, whatever you choose your dad will love them! These are the type of ageless sunglasses your dad can wear everyday and throughout the years. It’s an investment in is his style.



  1. Star Wars Epic Journey Art Print Collection- $299.95


Almost every dad I’ve ever met loves Star Wars. I’m sorry for the sons named Luke because I’m sure your dad always goes “Luke, I am your Father”. This art print collection of all the greatest moments in the Star Wars movies makes a great Father’s Day gift. He can hang some in his office, his room, the bathroom, the TV room, even the kitchen. They look great anywhere! It’s a very unique way to say thank you for being my dad.



  1. Bjorn Hendal Chronograph Watch- $392


The last item on our list is a nice watch. Bjorn Hendal is a watch company based in Sweden. We really like the Varberg brown leather strap with 18 Carat gold plated slim face. The case is very slim (5mm) which gives it a very sleek looking style. This watch is an accessory that your dad can wear with any outfit, and they are high quality so they will last a lifetime. If you have a larger budget for a present this one tops our list. A quality timepiece is something that your dad will use everyday and will be extremely grateful for.

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