Top 10 Best Back To School Gifts

The fall semester for students is starting up pretty soon. Millions of broke college students will be heading back to school, and they would all appreciate some new gear! Parents or friends of college students, we have compiled a list of the top 10 best back to school gifts that every college student would love.


We have organized the list from least to most expensive, so whether you want to send them off with just a little gift or really spoil them for their freshman year, we’ve got you covered. Any students reading this article, send your parents the link to this list just as a little hint for something you might want!


  1. Fasta Pasta- $14.99

I never thought there was an easier way to make pasta than boiling water in a pot. But there is! Fasta Pasta is the high-tech way to make pasta in your microwave. In as short as 6 minutes, you can make a family sized portion of your favorite pasta. This is one of those kitchen inventions that will change your life. I mean who doesn’t love pasta? This is a perfect gift for college students and every other spaghetti, tortellini, and penne lover.


2. Shower Speaker- $18.99

The shower is the place where great ideas come to you. What better way to get the creative juices flowin’ than to jam to your favorite songs in the shower! This little Bluetooth speaker packs a punch and for the price you can afford to send this off with your college student. Plus, it has a rugged exterior so you can bring it to the lake or out on any adventures you like!


3. BearButt Hammock- $25.97

The BearButt crew is the epitome of college! Owning a hammock is almost a must while you’re in college. Whether you are chilling out in the quad or head out to the park to get your textbook chapters read, a hammock comes so in handy! These hammocks are having a flash sale on Amazon right now grab them while they are hot! If your college student already has a hammock you might consider a Pouch Couch!


4. Bottle Keeper- $29.99

The Bottle Keeper makes a great gift especially for the hot fall semester. Keep your beers ice cold in the stainless steel, insulated holder. The Bottle Keeper twists open from the bottom so you can slip the beer bottle right in there and keep it secure. This is perfect for football season and hot outdoor tailgates!


5. Headphones- $33.99

Every college student needs a good pair of headphones. Whether you are drowning out loud roommates or just want to focus in the library, headphones are a necessary tool. These over-ear headphones are highly rated on Amazon and for good reason. The MPOW headphones are Bluetooth and they come with an AUX cable so you can plug in as well. We all know using Bluetooth on our devices drains the battery, so it makes sense to have the option to plug in! These headphones are very affordable and they sound great. The right side features pause, skip, and volume buttons so you can control your music without having to pull your music app up every time. I really believe that over-ear headphones provide for a more immersive music experience that you can really jam to. The MPOW headphones have a sleek style design and aren’t clunky.


6. Pongbot- $45.99

Now we definitely condone safe drinking. Don’t get us wrong. But if you want to be a cool parent or make your friend’s school year fun, give them the Pongbot! We all know the basics of the game Beer Pong, and Pongbot makes it even more fun! You can set the robot to the random movements mode or even grab the controller and zip around the table yourself, frustrating your opponents. Put up to 5 cups on the Pongbot and get ready for a fun time.


7. Vertical Waffle Maker- $59.95

I wish I had a waffle maker while I was in college! This is awesome! This vertical waffle maker by Cuisinart has five browning levels in case you like your waffle crispier than others. It features a non-stick inside for easy waffle removal and quick cleaning! We are in the mindset that waffles are better than pancakes (because they are), and this waffle maker can supply your college student waffles all year long.


8. Amazon Prime- $99/Year

Amazon Prime might be the most useful gift on this list. Prime allows your college student to order textbooks with free two-day shipping, unlimited music streaming for those late night study sessions, and watch unlimited movies and TV shows during their down time. If you use Amazon on a frequent basis, then Prime is perfect for you!


9. Air Purifier- $134.99

Most college students won’t ask for an air purifier but trust us, it will do them good. If they are living in on-campus dorms or have moved into an older home with their roommates, this air purifier by Honeywell will help them breathe clean. It filters out pollen, dust, and pet dander. Plus, the filters are washable so they won’t even need to replace the filter! This is a great gift that is often times overlooked, but it sure is useful!


10. Macbook- $899.99+

If your high school grad is heading off to college this fall semester, they are going to need a new laptop. Macs are the most popular college laptop and they are compatible with the most popular phone, iPhones. This Macbook Pro comes with Retina display for a bright, beautiful display, 8 GBs of RAM for quick loading times, and a 256 GB hard drive to store all of their photos and music. Any college student would love this laptop!

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