Thermos Smart Lid

I’m one of those people who carry around a gallon jug of water. Sometimes, I forget to fill it up in the mornings so I never really know if I have had the full gallon during the day. It’s a real struggle people! If you have ever wanted to know how much water you actually drink on a daily basis, the Thermos Smart Lid is for you!


The bottle holds 24 ounces of liquid and the lid is what keeps track of your consumption. You can download your data onto the iOS application and look at real time graphs and charts of your past days, it will even sync with your Fitbit app. Another cool perk is the lid has a temperature gauge to tell you how hot or cold your water is.


The Thermos Smart Lid bottle is a great product for any health conscious and fitness weary person in your life! If they already keep track of their steps, heart rate, and calories burned everyday then they should definitely start tracking their water consumption to be sure they are well hydrated. Everyone needs to drink more water on a daily basis, and this is a great product to start!

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