The Secret Art of Being a Grown Up

I’m not grown up. In fact, I’ve never wanted to grow up. I always told myself to make it a point to not grow up! But, as all the kids are saying these days “New Year, New Me!” Maybe many of the problems I faced in 2017 will be relieved if I just get an extra dose of Adult- All Day Relief For Whiny Baby Syndrome. Who knows maybe I’ll overcome social anxiety and finally be able to talk to someone of the opposite sex, or start that cat yoga business I’ve been talking about… Naaaahhhh!


Anyways! The Secret Art of Being a Grown Up by Bridget Watson Payne is a delightfully informative, easy-to-implement, quick tips kind of guide to adulting. All those people you see who really have their stuff together, you can be one of them! This book makes a great graduation or birthday gift for all ages. Even if you think your friend has been adulting for the past 15 years, they will still be able to learn something.


I’m a firm believer in giving books as gifts. Yeah, not everyone will get excited about receiving a book, but knowledge is power! Plus, not many people will go out and purchase books for themselves anyway. It will be worth it in the long run, trust me.

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