The Alchemist

Sometimes a book can change your whole life. Nothing is more true than after reading The Alchemist, a story about a young boy who wants to travel the world and all of the trials he endures and the knowledge that accompanies experience. There are quotes things in this novel that are so iconic and will stick with you for months, maybe years after.

You may be able to get through many of your own life trials with lessons learned from an astounding book such as this. Love, loss, endurance, bravery, openness are what you will experience in this tale. Linked is the graphic novel version, which I believe I got more out of rather than the full version. However, if you enjoy creating the scenes in your own mind you can find the full written version HERE.

A great gift for the bookworms in your life or really anyone who has not read this beautiful narrative. Tell us what you think about the book and express what lessons you learned on social media. We would love to hear what you have to say!

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