The 5 Cutest His/Her Gifts for Valentine’s Day

Do you smell that? Love is in the air. It smells like roses, chocolate, and… what is that… corporate greed? I must have a pretty good olfactory sense! We have been bombarded by advertisements urging us to buy their products because they know your significant other will love it. Plus, if you buy the best gift you can tell all your friends about it and get those precious likes on the Gram.

This year, get something unique. We only have two more weeks until Valentine’s Day, so here are some awesome ideas for you procrastinators out there. The best part is because these are all His/Her gifts, that means you are also buying yourself a gift too! It’s a win-win situation.

1. Couple Date Bracelets- $35

Now I’m not sure who Kenzie and Ryan are, but they are up for the cutest couple award. OMG! There is something special about having a matching bracelet like this for your loved one and yourself. It helps you feel connected with them, even if there is distance between you.

These bracelets are made from Silver, Aluminum, Brass, or Copper (your choice) and they are engraved with your specifications. The cord writstband is adjustable so it will fit your wrist no matter how big or small you are.

2. His & Her Fossil Watches- $185

This one might be my favorite on this list. I love watches! Its on the pricier side for a V-Day gift, but just think of it as an investment. Not only will your significant other love it, but you will too! Fossil makes high quality watches so this is a gift you will be wearing for a long time.


3. Date Night Bucket List- $18

Any couples out there who play the “What should we do tonight?” game? With the Date Night Bucket List, you will have a ton of choices! If you play it right and pick one stick at random, you can go a long time without coming up with your own date ideas. Once such date is ‘Wake up early and watch the sun rise. Go to breakfast and then take a nap’. That sounds like the best date ever!


4. MeUndies- $42 (Matching Pair)

MeUndies are the type of underwear you would have wished you bought sooner. Imagine your junk being caressed at all times by the silkiest microfiber blanket on the market. Yeah, I know, pretty cool huh? And if you buy matching underwear for your boo, the two of you will have a little secret no one else will know about!

5. Long Distance Touch Lamps- $150 (Two Lamps)

Although, the Fossil watches are my favorite on this list. These long distance touch lamps are definitely the sweetest gift idea. For all of you couples out there braving the storm of uncertainty that comes with a long distance relationship, you can be rest assured that your Valentine is thinking about you and you can let them know you are thinking of them.

With one touch you can turn on your lamp with an assortment of colors, and no matter where the other paired lamp is it will also turn on. If you’re doing your homework and look over to see a soft blue glow you will know that your beau is thinkin’ boutcha. Feel warm inside because this is what love feels like folks.




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