SupaRetron HD

Ahh sweet sweet nostalgia. You show your beautiful face once again. If you are reading this post, I hope you are experiencing flashbacks to late nights with friends playing NES games or even N64 games. Laughter, excitement, lots of hushing because the parental units are recharging. I also hope these memories make you want to brush off that old system and pop in a game to see if you still got it!

Many times when you pull out your old console you figure out the years of dust have made it inoperable or after many moves you have misplaced a cord or two. That’s why the SupaRetron HD console is a life saver! The box contains everything you will need to be able to play all of those cartridges you have been saving for sentimental reasons. As a modernized version of the old systems, SupaRetron by Hyperkin delivers your old games in way you have never experienced… High Definition!

Just looking at it gets my heart racing. You know that feeling when you first start noticing boys or girls and you develop a crush? That feeling you got every time you saw your crush is the feeling I have right now. Plus, at the $69.99 price point for a brand new console, you don’t even need to get the latest Xbox or PS4! This would make a perfect gift for the retro gamers, geeks, and superfans or old franchises.

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