Solar Juice Portable Smartphone Charger

You get lost in the woods and your phone dies. Hook it up to the Solar Juice charger and Boom! you’re giving your iPhone some Applejuice. But just as fast as your phone gets a charge then your call is dropped because you are lost in the middle of the woods miles and miles from a cell tower. Grrr you’re so mad you could just throw this shock proof power bank! Just as quickly as your phone charged and you dropped your call, you were able to blow off some steam.

While this is an unlikely scenario, the Solar Juice power bank by ZeroLemon does offer some useful perks! It has two ports for charging smartphones, a micro-usb port to charge the power bank, as well as water and shock proof solar panel for eco-friendly juice concentration.

If you enjoy the outdoors and are constantly finding yourself low on battery on your phone because of high GPS or Bluetooth use then this Solar Juice power bank is great for you!

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