Scratch Off Bucket List Posters

Although I plan on living to the ripe old age of 107, I feel like I need to start doing things on my bucket list while I’m still young. Many people have the classic items like going skydiving, running with the bulls in Spain, visit the 7 wonders of the world, and grab a panini with the Pope. There are other experiences you may not have thought about you might want to include.

This is where these scratch off bucket list posters come in! They have 100 Movies, 100 Books, 100 Albums, and 100 Places posters to give you a wide range of literary, cultural, and scenic experiences. I didn’t even know I wanted to visit the Terracotta Army in China, but I do. Boyz In The Hood wasn’t even on my radar, but now I’m going to watch it. Plus, with these posters you get the initial excitement of being able to scratch off the ones you have already done!

Is it weird to have a bucket list on my bucket list? Bucket-ception some call it. Imagine though, by working through lists that are pre-made for you it gets you out of your comfort zone and pushes you to experience things you otherwise would not have experienced. These also make great gifts for adventurous friends and loved ones!

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