Prismacolor Premier Colored Pencils

The adult version of Crayola colored pencils? Nah! Prismacolor colored pencils are more like the classy, bourgeois brand of colored pencils. Colored pencils are pretty underrated in my opinion. They are versatile, they don’t make a mess, and you always get that precision with that fine point.

User reviews are astoundingly positive! 5 Star ratings lighting up the screen like the night sky. Prismacolor brings you quality art materials that are extremely affordable. Now, I included these colored pencils on Gift Bucket List because I truly believe they make a great gift! Humans are always looking for ways to express ourselves, and sometimes we just need the resources to express in order to find a new talent or passion.

These colored pencils come in packs from 24 to 150! That is all of the colors under the rainbow plus all of the shades in between. If you can’t think up what to draw, check out some awesome adult coloring books!

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