Power Reels Resistance Cords

“Hey! How tough are ya?” How tough am I? How tough am I?? I can use the Power Reels on the highest resistance level! Okay, maybe that doesn’t make you that tough. BUT you will be fit, shredded, toned, stronger than you were before since you used to be a couch potato. Even a couch potato could use the Power Reels though. They are lightweight and portable so you can workout wherever and whenever!


These resistance cords boast they are the most effective resistance product on the market. They allow for natural movement with resistance throughout the entire workout. On the Power Reels page they challenge you to the 60-day challenge where they give you videos to watch and daily exercises to complete. These aren’t your average resistance bands, they are Power Reels! Get them as a gift for your couch potato friend, or even get them for the seasoned workout warrior!

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