Portable Projector For Home And Office

One of the coolest features of this AcTek Portable Projector is it supports screen mirroring from smartphones which means you can project pictures, videos, or presentations from your phone onto a 120 inch display! This could also get you in trouble though. Don’t scroll too far on your camera roll or you might show off you sexy pictures you meant for your significant other to your whole office.


When you aren’t displaying your drunken videos from the weekend before on the big screen, you can watch movies in HD or show off your powerpoint presentation at the office. The great part is, this projector is portable! Fold it up and slip it into your bag, ready to with you. It features dual speakers for big sound while Freddy Kreuger is scaring the crap out of you on the screen. AcTek has created a fantastic way to get a big display without breaking the bank. If your 50 inch TV isn’t big enough for you, get yourself this portable projector and have the 120 inch you have always wanted!

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