Portable Electrode Muscle Stimulation

Now you don’t need to hook up a car battery in your torture chamber! This portable electrode muscle stimulator makes shocking nipples easier than ever!

Okay, please don’t use this device to torture anyone, I was just messing around. This is a legitimate device used for rehabilitation and medical purposes. If you have ever been to a chiropractor chances are that you have experienced what electrical muscle stimulation is all about. For avid runners/exercisers, this portable device could be a lifesaver!

Some science behind electrical muscle stimulation in treating pain or rehabilitating muscles. You attach the electrodes to the affected area and send low power electrical waves through the muscle, which causes the muscle to contract as it does naturally. The repeated contraction and relaxation of the muscle facilitates blood flow, aiding in the healing process as well as increasing range of motion in injured muscles. And don’t worry, this product comes with all the instructions and equipment you will need to safely use it. It makes a great gift for the gym goer or fitness guru in your life!

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