Pooch Selfie

We all know that dogs are smart, but BEWARE! your dog might steal your phone to take more selfies with the Pooch Selfie! ‘Ol Spot might learn how to run that Instagram account by himself. Not even the best puppers are immune to the allure of social media fame.

With the original accessory specifically to up your pet-selfie game, you will definitely notice how easy it is to capture the cutest moments with your dog. It’s such a simple invention, how did I not come up with this? The Pooch Selfie consists of a plastic holder for a brightly colored tennis ball that also squeaks. With the success of this product, it is safe to say that it will capture the attention of your pooch.

I personally know a few people who have created social media accounts for their dogs. Plus, every other dog owner loves taking pictures of/with their crazy canine! Chances are you will make any pet owner elated with the Pooch Selfie as a gift!

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