Our 20 Best Christmas Gift Ideas

Ahh 2017, the year of memes, millennials, and major world events. With all the craziness going on in our daily lives, Christmas helps to relieve some of the pressure with good ol’ holiday cheer and family fun time. Nothing helps you feel better than getting your loved ones that perfect gift that will cause little kid level squealing on Christmas morning.


We have compiled 20 fantastic gifts for this holiday season. Everything from technology to food related gifts are included in our all interest encompassing list. We are sure you will find a present for everyone on your list this year. Now, let’s open some presents!


1. Surface Book 2- $1499+


There are many options when choosing a new laptop. The Surface Book 2 is leading the game with operating power and the flexibility of turning into a tablet. It features a bright 13.5 inch or larger screen, a powerful processor for the capability of running multiple apps at once, and the convenience of tablet mode for those times you’re on the go.


2. iPhone X- $1375


A new phone is one of those gifts everyone can get excited about. With the 10th anniversary of Steve Jobs’ revolutionary iPhone, Apple has released the iPhone X. It features a better Siri function (finally!), a brighter screen, and a 12MP camera for crystal clear pictures. Depending on your phone service carrier you might be able to get a good deal on a new phone. The iPhone X could be your Christmas gift to yourself this year.


3. Samsung Smart TV- $500


What better gift than a new ultra HD smart TV to improve your Netflix binge experience. Now you can access Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Video, or any other streaming service through the smart TV’s apps. Easily switch from one service to the next to switch up what show you are watching.

A new Samsung Smart TV makes a great gift for college students or really anyone with an outdated tube TV. With sizes ranging from 40-75 inches, you can find a perfect match for all the “in need of TV” people on your list.


4. Fitbit Ionic- $298.99


The Fitbit Ionic is the newest fitness watch by the first to do it fitness tracker company Fitbit. Sleek design, a long battery life, and numerous available apps make this the best one yet. It makes a great gift for the fitness guru in your life.

The new Ionic comes equipped with a step-by-step coaching tool to help you through workouts and accomplish your fitness goals. It has the capacity for 300 of your favorites workout songs so you don’t have to worry about carrying your phone with you. Plus, Fitbit has innovated the Ionic’s battery to last 4 days even when in use. Don’t end up with watch envy this Christmas and splurge a little!


5. Kindle Oasis- $249.99


Where do I read? In the bathtub of course! Just like millions of people around the world, I enjoy reading a good book by, or submerged in, the water. It really makes for a peaceful experience.

Uh Oh! I just dropped my paperback or ereader into the water. Please let me have a bag of rice at home. The Kindle Oasis makes this a problem of the past because it is waterproof! It also includes a built-in Audible app so you can listen to books if that’s what you like. Give the gift of knowledge this holiday season and access to millions of books with the newest Kindle.


6. Gravity Blanket- $215


It’s winter, so it’s cold. What better gift than a big cozy blanket? Not only does the Gravity Blanket keep you warm, but it also weighs 20 pounds! The reason for having such a heavy blanket is because the pressure produces a calming effect and helps us sleep better. I imagine it has something to do with feeling like you are back in the womb, the coziest place of all.

A gravity blanket helps reduce anxiety, insomnia, sleep apnea, and much more! This is a gift that will keep on giving.


7. Samsung IconX- $199.99


Earbuds and other gadgets always make great gifts! The new and improved Samsung IconX wireless earbuds let you take your music on the go with no holds barred. It is capable of streaming music via Bluetooth for 5 hours. You can actually upload up to 1000 songs right onto the earbuds to listen to without streaming. Plus, there is a microphone so you can take phone calls without having to take them out. Never get your headphones ripped out of your ears because of the wires; the future is all cordless!


8. Record Player- $99


We love that record players are coming back! This turntable by Audio Technica is simple, modern, and plays high definition music. Chances are your dad has record collection but might not have a working turntable to enjoy all those golden oldies. Or you might know someone who has just started their record collection and needs a new player. Either way, records are back in style so make someone’s Christmas this year with the gift of music.


9. iHomon Scale- $65.99


Don’t take this the wrong way because I got you a scale for Christmas. It doesn’t just tell you that you need to lose weight. The iHomon Smart Scale is so much more than that! It’s actually a perfect gift to go along with everyone’s New Year’s Resolution of losing 20 pounds.

This scale gives you your weight, fat percentage, muscle mass, bone mass, and water weight. It connects all of these stats to a smartphone app so you can keep track of your process. This makes a great present because it’s not just for people looking to lose weight! It makes a great tool for anyone looking to make any sort of fitness goals. Take control of your body goals and really keep track of where you are, and where you want to go.


10. The Dude Abides Christmas Sweater- $49.99


Christmas sweater time! Christmas sweater time! If you are a fan of the ugly Christmas sweater game, check out this bad boy. The Big Lebowski is a cultural icon and the Dude can really rock a sweater. I love combining my love of Christmas and my warm feelings for the Big Lebowski movie. I guarantee you know someone who will love this sweater, but “that’s just, like, my opinion, Man”.


11. HD Dash Cam- $39.99


Not only does an awesome HD Dash Cam protect you in case of a car wreck, but it will also capture any alien encounters, Sasquatch sightings, or streakers running down the street. If you have someone on your list that does a lot of driving, this makes a great gift for them!


12. Valhalla Vineyards Drinking Horn- $38.99


Pour up the holiday mead especially if you have to spend Christmas around the in-laws. If you are going to be drinking, why not do it in style? Valhalla Vineyards has created a beautiful drinking horn mug. Great craftsmanship of real Ox horn that any Viking enthusiast will love.


13. French Press- $25.95


The holiday season is a great time to give a French press as a gift. Now that it’s getting chilly, you will want a deliciously hot cup of coffee in the mornings. Plus, making your coffee or tea with a French press makes it taste so much better!


14. 12 Pack of Bath Bombs- $25.80


Treat your loved ones to an at home spa experience with this gift box of 12 hand crafted bath bombs. Scents include lavender, shea & coconut, victorian rose and many more! You will want to take a nice hot soak in a relaxing bubble bath after a long day of work and a cold commute back home.


15. NFL Ugly Christmas Sweater- $24.99


We know there is already an ugly Christmas sweater on the list, but this one is different because it also incorporates your favorite NFL team. We are deep into the football season but it’s not too late for some new gear!


16. Jackpot Candle- $24.95


Usually, a candle is a gift you buy when you have no idea what to get somebody. Everybody like candles! Well now, with the Jackpot Candle, you can get them a true surprise. Each candle has a piece of jewelry inside valued from $15-$5,000! Its like the prize inside of a cereal box times 1,000. A great gift for the special lady in your life that is tough to shop for.


17. Milk & Cookie Shot Maker- $20.40


Santa Claus isn’t the only one who needs milk and cookies during the holidays! Satisfy your sweet tooth in a creative and delicious way. A great gift for kids or any culinary genius on your list.


18. Phone Camera Lens Kit- $17.99


This 3-in-1 smartphone lens kit makes a great stocking stuffer. Plus, any amateur photographer or selfie extraordinaire would love to have some tools at their disposal. The kit comes with a 10X Macro Lens, a Fish Eye Lens, and .4X Wide Angle Lens. Perfect for making some cool Instagram worthy photos.


19. iPhone Wallet Case- $16.99


Too bad this wallet case doesn’t come filled with money, but it does protect your phone and lets you carry your cards, ID, and cash. No more carrying a bulky wallet in your pocket. This makes a great gift for the clutz who always cracks their phone screen!


20. Plush Throw Blanket- $11.98


Yes, there is already the Gravity Blanket on the list. No, you can never have too many blankets. Imagine being devoured by the softest, cuddliest cloud monster and that is you underneath this plush throw blanket. An easy, yet useful gift to really spoil those on your list even if you don’t spend a ton.




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