Momentary Ink Temporary Tattoos

Tattoos are how we can express ourselves, especially if you’re like me and aren’t artistic yourself. I mean I could try to tattoo myself with a stick figure version of the family dog, but I would rather have a beautiful piece of artwork that shows my inner creativeness. This is such a great product, everyone wanting to get their first tattoo should try it.

Momentary Ink Temporary Tattoos truly look like an artist-designed masterpiece. You apply them the same way you would a stick on tattoo from the fair. You stick it on, soak it, dab it dry. But wait there is more! Then you apply their unique formula onto the tattoo and it takes away that shine, which makes it look fake, and all you are left with is a very real looking tattoo! Everyone has a friend that always mentions “I’m thinking about getting a tattoo” but they never actually follow through. This is a perfect gift for them! Let them see the actual tattoo they want on themselves and maybe, just maybe, your friend (or you if you’re feelin’ wild) might go for the real deal.

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