Men’s Watches That Don’t Break The Bank

I’m a firm believer that watches make great gifts. If you are a watch person, you wear a watch almost daily. How great would it be to give a gift that they can wear every day and think of you when they check the time. It gives me that warm feeling inside!

The thing about watches, though, is there is a plethora of sizes, shapes, prices, and styles. It is easy to get lost in all the options, and how can you pick a watch that works for you or for someone else? That’s where we come in. We have compiled a list of great looking watches from quality, reputable brands and have included a few style choices.

The more options available to you, the more stressful the choice can be. So, we won’t overload you with options, but I hope something really catches your eye. I will also note that this list is full of the best looking and most affordable men’s watches out there. Let us know which watches you really like on social media!




1. Ambassador MK3

MSTR uses a really cool shade of gold they call “champagne gold” as the one shown above. This Ambassador model is clean, attractive and appears to be a chronograph style watch. If you haven’t heard of MSTR (pronounced my-ster) you should definitely check them out. They are an independent watch maker and have that unique bolted bezel look on many of their models. On the MSTR website, they are currently running a tax return sale so prices are low!


2. Prodigy V2

The Prodigy model is simpler than the Ambassador. It doesn’t have as much going on, which many people like. I really like the Prodigy and Ambassador models from MSTR the most, and they have plenty of color options if black and gold isn’t for you. I would describe their watches as almost industrial, a very strong look to them and you will definitely get some looks with these watches.



Vincero Collective


3. Luxury Chrono S

Vincero Collective is an Italian luxury watch brand that has some of the most affordable men’s watches on the market. But any other brand you won’t get the same quality you get with Vincero. Above you will see a beautiful brown leather band with a deep blue face. This model is a chronograph that includes date, time on the 24 hour scale and even a timer. There is also another line called Vincera that is made specifically for women’s watch models!

4. Kairos

The Kairos series from Vincero has a simpler, cleaner style compared to the Chrono S. If you aren’t a fan of chronograph watches, the Kairos series would be a great choice. For only $139, Kairos is one of the most luxurious and affordable men’s watch you can buy!





5. Signature Watch

The Skagen signature watch is a great choice for the modern minimalist. It has a very simple design, but it looks so good. Skagen is a Danish made brand, and may I say they are master watch makers. Crafted with high quality materials, all Skagen watches will be a watch for life for you.



6. Titanium Link Watch

This titanium link chronograph watch by Skagen is the sleekest, low profile chronograph on the list. The cool orange accents make this watch pop. Skagen is a unique brand and would make a great addition to any watch collection.




7. G Shock

G Shock watches are a tough, rugged line by Casio. Designed in a combat style, these watches are made to withstand anything you can throw at it. G Shock is versatile, with plenty of timer and alarm functions, plus the digital face makes it much more efficient and easy to use than many analog watches. An awesome option for the active and athletic watch lover!



8. Blaze

Fitbit Blaze is the newest in the line of fitness watches. With a built-in heart rate monitor, step counter, GPS tracker, and even a personalized exercise coach, the Blaze is a premier option for runners or anyone wanting to get in shape. At just under $200, the Fitbit Blaze is a much more affordable option than the overpriced Apple Watch, but it looks just as sleek!



9. Pro Diver

I might be biased here because I absolutely love the Invicta brand. The Pro Diver model looks similar to the iconic Rolex model. It is truly beautiful. As the name suggests, the Pro Driver model is meant for diving, but it is a great accessory for any occasion and outfit. Invicta offers many great styles for an affordable price.


10. Chronograph


If you are looking for something a little more flashy, this Invicta chronograph is just that! Sleek, shiny, and highly functional this chronograph has everything you could want.


11. Blade Phantom

Zinvo Blade Phantom – such an epic name. This is the most unconventional watch on the list, but it’s a watch that will turn heads. It really strikes me as visually appealing, and this watch would work well with any outfit. I could make this my day-to-day watch.


Leonard & Church

12. Varick Silver Mesh

Leonard & Church is a truly classy brand, and I definitely love the Varick silver mesh model. It’s so simple but you can tell that it is quality made. Another watch for the minimalist watch enthusiast. It has everything you need for a great looking accessory and time piece.


13. Barclay Black

The Barclay Black watch is striking. The rich blue face and almost star speckled dial makes it seem like you are looking into space. The black leather band is a perfect match for the silver and blue dial. If you have never considered or even heard of the Leonard & Church brand, I would definitely suggest checking them out for your next watch.


Lord Timepieces

14. Solitude Black

Lord Timepieces is another brand that recently came onto my radar, and I discovered their simple style with bright accents as you can see above. The Solitude Black model with the metal grey dial makes for a powerful look. I really like this new style I keep seeing with the accents on the dial. Lord is on my list for a next watch purchase!


15. Tan Leather


Another minimalist style choice, this brown leather band watch is striking. Bright blue dials, light brown leather and a black face. Lord makes minimal, high quality watches that are very affordable. They are taking social media by storm and building a strong brand for being an affordable, yet attractive watch for any and all enthusiasts.




We hope one of these watches caught your eye to add to your collection or even just turned you on to new brands you have not considered before. Let us know what you think on our social media pages and follow us for more great content!

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