Kindle Oasis

Water is great. It keeps us hydrated, helps us clean ourselves, and helps to nourish the earth. Now, water does not agree with our pal, technology. However, we have a new hero in town! Meet the Kindle Oasis, the first waterproof Kindle. Now you can read in the bathtub without having to worry about your Ereader, or even your paperback, taking a swim.

This new Oasis comes packed with awesome features. They revamped the design, making it much more comfortable to read with one hand. As I mentioned, it is now waterproof! What a relief. Although small, this new Kindle comes packed with a massive battery. You can read for weeks on a single charge. Oasis comes equipped with Audible, so if you are more of a listener you can still enjoy and explore the magical world of literature. Last but not least, Oasis features the paper white screen for no-glare reading, even in the sun!

Amazon dropped this new model of the Kindle at a perfect time. All of the Kindle people are jumping at the new Oasis, and the hype will still be going strong around Christmas time. Let’s hope on a reduced price by the holidays, we are crossing our fingers! I think just about everyone has a friend or family member that is a book worm and they would absolutely love the Kindle Oasis!

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