Igloo Party Bar Cooler

What do you really look for in a cooler? How long it keeps things cool and retains the ice? Portability? Price? There are many different aspects to think about when purchasing a cooler that will last. This Igloo Party Bar Cooler hits the nail right on the head!

Step into my office and let me lead you into why this cooler is the best option for you. Let’s start with the inside. This Igloo ice chest is fully insulated on the inside so it keeps your drink cold and retains the ice longer. It comes with fully removable dividers to separate alcoholic beverages from non-alcoholic beverages, or separate water from soda. You’re the master with how you want the layout of your cooler to be! A really great feature with the Igloo Party Bar is the LiddUp lighting. Want to keep your tailgate running into the late hours? No problem! These LED lights help your guests decide which drinks are what even in the dark.

Now let’s explore the stylish exterior of the cooler. It is designed to look like an ice chest that truly belongs at your tailgate, party, picnic, or any other event you can bring it to. The lid easily detaches for easier access to the treasures inside the chest. The Igloo comes equipped with a bottle opener and detachable cap catcher. When the party runs long and there are too many bottle caps easily pop it off, toss the caps and reattach! We also have an easily accessible drain cap to quickly drain all of the water at the end of the party. Finally, the Igloo Party Bar comes with a detachable wheelbase for easy transportation. If you want the ice chest in one place just lift it off from the wheels and you’re good to go!

Style, efficiency, and handy additions should make the Igloo Party Bar Cooler one of your top choices for your next cooler. At just over $100, and with all the features, you really get the most bang for your buck. Make your friend’s summer and give this as a gift!

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