Hand Forged Viking Axe

There is something about having a traditional tool that the Vikings used. It’s probably because the Vikings were just extremely badass. Harness your inner badass with this hand forged Viking axe replica.

This high quality Viking axe for sale on Etsy is created with oak wood and high carbon steel. They are fully functional to be used for splitting wood for the winter, busting down doors (Honey, I’m home!), and overall displaying dominance. Hand made by the Etsy store Premium Handmade UA, this is one of the best looking and best quality handmade axes on the market right now.

This shop has a perfect 5-star rating on Etsy and the buyers have nothing but great things to say. There is also an option for the axe to arrive in a hand made wooden box. A great gift idea for the outdoorsman in your life!

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