Glass Bluetooth Keyboard

This wireless, illuminated glass keyboard is like something you would see out of Minority Report. It comes with gesture controls too! Imagine hacking into the world’s toughest cyber defense systems with one of these bad boys. Since it is Bluetooth compatible, you can use it on a desktop or even your laptop.


Bastron created this beautiful keyboard out of tempered glass with an aluminum frame. Its default is a Tron-like blue backlight, but you can change the color depending on your mood. If you’re feeling pretty you can turn it pink, or feeling like a hippie you can turn it green. Just like the Mac touchpad, this keyboard has gesture controls right on its display. Like the pinch-and-expand gesture to enlarge photos and the swiping feature to go back in your web browser.


Really, Bastron has built an aesthetic keyboard that just looks really cool. Chances are your computer comes with a keyboard. But it doesn’t come with a keyboard that makes you feel like you’re in the year 2100! This would make a really cool gift for all of your geeky, computer savvy friends.

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