Give the Gift of Shoes – Some of the Most Popular Shoes Right Now

You know what they always say, the first thing someone looks at is your shoes. Nah, maybe “they” don’t say that. But, I can definitely say some people will judge you if you’re wearing some ratty, hole-ridden kicks! Look down at your shoes right now, it might be time for a new pair!


In this list I cover 7 men and women’s shoes that are really hot right now. The great part is, these styles are extremely versatile. You can wear them to the gym, but you can also rock them at the club. Everybody has at least one sneakerhead friend, and you would make their life if you got them a new pair! If not for them, splurge a little on yourself and pick out something you like, you wont be disappointed.




1. Adidas EQT Bask ADV


Adidas just dropped their new EQT Bask ADV shoes, and they are hot! I love this style with the sleek lines and almost futuristic feel to them. Technically they are basketball shoes, but I would consider these as all around swagger shoes. The medium to high top style works great with joggers or skinny jeans. With these men or women’s adidas shoes, your kicks will stand out!



2. Allbirds


Allbirds are taking over the online shoe game. Chances are you have seen one of their many advertisements on Facebook, Instagram, or Youtube. The website states they are the most comfortable shoe in the world and I’m buying it. Created from superfine merino wool, these Allbird Runners look good, feel good, and they are built to keep up with your active lifestyle.



3. Reebok Retro Trainers


There’s something about wearing some Reebok shoes that my grandfather would wear that makes me feel stylish as all get out. It might be the crisp whiteness. Or it could be that retro swag that is taking over right now. They say fashion goes in cycles, which it does, but I guess they forgot to mention that every 30 years or so fashion recycles from the glory days. I wonder if Yeezy’s will catch back on in 30 years!



4. Nike Air Max 90


You don’t have to be a basketball player or athlete in general to rock these kicks. They are a perfect addition to your wardrobe and work with many different styles! You can wear them to school, the mall, out on the town, or when you go to get your teeth cleaned (your dentist will love these). I think the Air Max 90s are the best of the Air Max line.



5. Chuck Taylors


Chuck Taylors, the iconic Converse style are as timeless as men and women’s shoes can get. They are fantastic because these shoes look great on anyone! Once again the retro style survives through the ages. Your parents might have worn these back in high school and you can feel connected with them by taking on the style they wore back in the day. At a $40 price point, it’s easy to add Chuck Taylors to your wardrobe!



6. Adidas Adizero Sub2


Now, let me preface the Adizero Sub2 shoes with they have not released yet. They are set to drop on March 15th, so get pumped! These Adidas shoes are created to be the lightest running shoes on the market. In fact, Adidas specifically, and scientifically, built the Adizero Sub2 to help athletes reach a sub 2-hour marathon time. That’s crazy right? If you want to fly on the trails be sure to keep an eye on when these drop.



7. Nike Roshe


Nike Roshes are still on fire simply because of the versatility of design. I’m a huge fan of the floral. It adds a soft, visually appealing, “look at my kicks” feel to your shoes. Check out that Nike Swoosh drip on the right though! If you want to find a pair of those, you can find them HERE.

The Roshe line looks great in shorts, they look stylish in jeans, and they look swagged out in joggers. That’s what I love about this post as a whole, the pure versatility of all of these shoes. When a shoe takes in style and utility (in case you gotta dunk on somebody) that’s when you know you’ve picked the perfect pair.

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