Dry Brew Coffee Chews

Wake up in the mornin’ feelin’ super tired. I’m gonna pop a coffee chew and get real wired! The Dry Brew Coffee Chews are the perfect way to get your daily caffeine, especially if you’re on the go.

Dry Brew has really created a name for themselves by holding a patent for Flavorful Waterless Coffee. Each chew has the caffeine you would find in a 6 oz cup of joe. And there’s only three ingredients! They put really coffee, non-dairy creamer, and a zero calorie sweetener into each chew and it tastes delicious!

Imagine the horrible infomercial clips for this. You spill boiling coffee over yourself while you’re unraveling your water hose, or on your morning commute the train comes to a half launching liquid lava onto the pour old lady next to you. You can’t mess around with hot coffee people! Do yourself a favor and just try Dry Brew Coffee Chews, just try it and you’ll love it.

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