Dash Clear View Toaster

Raise your hand if you have ever been making toast and thought, “I should be able to see how toasty my bread is getting so I don’t over do it”. I know I have! This should have been an invention a century ago. Finally, Dash has created the best thing since sliced bread. HA! Get it??

Toasters are funny things. Like, who would want their bread on the toastiest of settings so it just turns to ash? But its an option! The Dash Clear View toaster has seven levels of toastiness, a pull out crumb tray, a defrost option, and the ultimate burn avoidance method of the direct view at the bread. It looks like the little breads are in a tiny bread jail, waiting for you to let them out. But really we are raving about this see through toaster. Anyone would love this as a gift!

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