8 Deliciously Unique Candles That Make Great Gifts

I feel that candles are like art, especially when they are handcrafted in a small batch. The care that goes into each one is something you can really sense when you light it up for the first time. I am a big fan of candles and I make it a goal for myself to look for new brands and different scents every time I buy. No more big box, largely manufactured candles for me!


Each candle is an experience for the olfactory sense, why not make it visually appealing as well. Here is a list of some truly unique looking and smelling candles out there you may not have otherwise discovered! Speaking of the olfactory sense, did you know our sense of smell is closely tied with memories? It’s like that warm feeling you get when you smell a fresh batch of cookies, remembering all the joyful times you had a grandma’s house when you were a kid. Recreate that feeling with the powerful aroma of some awesome candles and fill your home with that same joy and happy memories, while also supporting unique candle artists. Enjoy!



1. Glacier Project Candles


These candles are beautiful, and there is a meaning behind them. Created by Brynjar Siguroarson in Spain, glacier candles bring attention to global warming with a powerful image of the ice blue glaciers alight in flame slowly melting down. These unique candles make a great gift because they are so aesthetically pleasing, plus they are a conversation starter to a greater issue that you, hopefully, are passionate about!



2. Cactus Candles


You love having those rich green succulents on your desk, and you love the aroma of a fresh candle filling the room. Why not combine them both? Cactus candles are the perfect way to do that! I would describe them as “cute”, some might also say “AWESOME” as well. They make a great little gift for housewarmings, back to school, or even to celebrate a new job! Toss those boring candles out the window and start considering candles as a decoration.



3. Old Books Scented Candle

I know it doesn’t look all that unique, but it definitely has a one-of-a-kind smell to it. After thinking about it, and smelling a few old books, I’ve decided that I do indeed love the smell of old books! Go right now to your bookshelf, open up a couple novels, and take a deep whiff. Don’t worry I will wait…

Okay, great! Now we are on the same page. Get it? Same page! Anyways, besides Old Books scent, the lovely Etsy shop Frostbeard has some great scents that you can cuddle up and read a book to. Scents like Oxford Library, Reading At The Cafe, and even Rainy Day Reads. Give a nice little bundle of a gift with one of Frostbeard’s candles and a good book.

If you consider yourself a bookwork, check out our 10 Best Gifts For Book Lovers post!



4. Hand Carved Candles


These candles by MonnaEtsyShop are probably as unique as you can get. Intricate detail, vibrant colors, a true masterpiece in each candle. It looks like delicious candy to me! Probably wouldn’t suggest eating it though. They come in a variety of colors and designs giving you a unique experience with each candle!



5. Dandles Candles By Dan

Dandles is a great candle brand with a couple of unique features. As you can see in the picture, Dandles has line of beer bottle candles with an assortment of bold scents. They also carry wine bottle candles for a classier experience. Also, Dandles has a line of wood wick candles that make a slight crackling sound but deliver a big aroma. The wood wick candles are really starting to catch on in the candle world, and Dandles are at the top of their game. It’s hard to beat their $12 price point and you get a little peace of mind that they use glass bottles that would otherwise end up in a landfill.



6. Coffee Bean Candles


You can fill your home with the delicious smell of coffee all day long with these coffee bean candles. Full coffee beans are incorporated in to the wax as it dries, which really gives it an aesthetically pleasing look to it. Besides that, as the wick burns down it heats up the wax and beans unleashing that freshly brewed coffee smell. Each candle is 14 oz and will burn for 100 hours! That is insane in the candle game. You might be lucky if your candle burns for 50-60 hours. You really get the bang for your buck with these candles.



7. Volcanica Hand Carved Wood Candles


Volcanica Candles may be the highest quality on this list. Carved and polished teak wood is used for each candle in this line giving it a warm, rustic feel. The beautiful wood grain goes great with wooden furniture of all tones! Volcanica makes some pretty classy pieces so be prepared to spend a pretty penny, but with up to 120 hours of burn time it’s well worth it. These would make a great housewarming or even wedding gift!



8. Crying Unicorn Candle


Although I hate to see a unicorn cry, bright unicornesque colors come spilling out which is nice to look at. A unique candle that makes a great gift for college students in the dorm or even a nice accessory for your office desk!


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