8 Awesome Gifts For National Beer Day

You won’t get a day off work for National Beer Day but luckily it falls on a Saturday so you can drink away the weekend. The April 7th date is to commemorate the passing of the Cullen-Harrison Act which made beer and wine legal again after a long Prohibition.

National Beer Day is a great excuse to get your buddies together, crack open a cold one (or 10) and enjoy the freedoms we have to consume alcohol. We have compiled a list of great products and gift ideas to make your April 7th memorable this year.



1. Q-Bong Pressurized Beer Bong


The Q-Bong is a pressurized beer bong which means the beer gets to your mouth faster. Just press the compartment and it makes the beer flow faster. A fun and easy way to get to chuggin’ those beers on National Beer Day!



2. Bottle Keeper


Not only does Bottle Keeper look just like a normal water bottle, but it will keep your beer cool for hours. The bottom unscrews so you can put your beer in and keeps it insulated to conserve that ice coldness. On National Beer Day you will want to keep your beers cold all day long.



3. Bevometer Beer Counting Koozie


It looks and functions like a traditional foam koozie, but the bevometer is better. It easily keeps track of the beers you consume every time you put a beer in and take it out. Whether you want to see how many beers you can drink or want to make sure that you drink only a few the Bevometer is an upgrade on the classic. A perfect gift for all of your drinking buddies on National Beer Day.



4. Bottle Loft


When you buy cases of beer you soon come to realize your fridge might not have enough space. The bottle loft is simply strips of magnets that allow your beer bottles to be suspended above the rack in your fridge freeing up more space for beer. It’s an affordable and easy way to pack the fridge with as much beer as possible.



5. Shakoolie Shower Beer Koozie


The Shakoolie allows you to keep your shower beer at arms reach. On National Beer Day you’re going to want to start early, like in your morning shower. The powerful suction cup will stick to your shower’s tile without you having to worry about it falling. Plus, when you take a hot shower you don’t want the heat to transfer to your cold beer. No one wants a warm beer.



6. Drink-A-Palooza


Drink-A-Palooza is the ultimate drinking game. It incorporates the best of the classic drinking games like beer pong, flip cup, and quarters and makes them even more fun by putting them all together in a board game. Drinking games are not just for college students. Up your National Beer Day with this awesome new drinking game.



7. Valhalla Drinking Horns


It looks like something straight out of Game of Thrones. Valhalla drinking horns are hand crafted with actual horn and coated in a protective resin so they are leak proof. You will be one classy son-of-a-gun drinking a delicious pint out of one of these bad boys. Get a horn for your whole crew and drink in style!



8. Pico Home Brewing System


The Pico Brew lets you be the brew master right in your kitchen! You can buy pre-formed packs to help you brew an IPA, Pilsner, or even your own craft beer. The system is easily customizable so you can control the carbonation and alcohol content. You will have the freshest beer at your fingertips in just a few short hours. This is the ultimate way to celebrate National Beer Day!

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