7 Unique Food Related Gifts

I love food. I love eating it, I love looking at it, I love talking about it. I may not be a “foodie”, but I enjoy trying new types of food when I get the opportunity. I got the idea for food related gifts from a buddy of mine over at My Easy Gifter who wrote a great post about delicious Valentine’s Day chocolates. Look for the link to that post at the end of this list.

As the title suggests, these are unique gift ideas that happen to be edible. In other words they aren’t your run of the mill box of chocolates or gift card to McDonalds. If you are buds with your taste-buds (get it??) then you will definitely want to try these.


1. Fuego Box

Fuego Box is the premier hot sauce subscription delivery on the market right now. Their mission is not to have you breathing fire after each dab of the sauce, but instead they focus on a balance of heat and taste. There are so many small batch hot sauce brands out, you could get a Fuego Box every month for a year and never get the same sauce. The great part is there are more options outside of their subscription service, including gift boxes containing up to 5 sauces or you can even go for one bottle. We all have at least one fire breathing friend who would love this as a gift!



2. Girl Scout Cookie Cereal

Did you know there is Girl Scout cookie cereal? I think that statement speaks for itself. Move over little girls! I’m having Jeff Bezos deliver my cookies this year. Don’t touch my Thin Mints!


3. Exotic Predator Jerky

This exotic jerky is the definition of “unique” here. Buy this three-pack and receive Python, Aligator, and Mako Shark jerky! Humans are at the top of the food chain so you could say we are the true predators here. Just don’t make me into jerky…

One reviewer on Amazon asks, “Does it taste awesome, good, okay, or bad?” First of all, good question! The reply to this is that each jerky from Newport Jerky company is excellent. If you aren’t feeling all that adventurous, they also have venison and beef jerky. But come on and eat some delicious python.


4. Single Flavor Bulk Starbursts

We could start a civil war if we split the population into groups based on their favorite flavor (color?) of Starbursts. Personally, mine is pink so take that as you will. But wouldn’t it be amazing to receive a 2 pound bag of your favorite chewy candies? You still have time before Valentine’s Day to spoil your loved one!


5. Carnivore Club Meat Box

Yes, we already had some exotic jerky on here, but Carnivore Meat Club is different. You can order one box like the picture above or sign up for their subscription if you are a true Ron Swanson. This is one of the classier and high quality food boxes you can possibly buy. Proscuitto, jerky, venison, bacon, sausage, biltong (never heard of it but sounds delicious), and lots more! If you order by tomorrow you can receive your first box by Valentine’s Day.


6. Try The World Food Discovery Box

Try The World is for the true adventurer. If you suffer from wanderlust, this is the perfect subscription for you. Each box is filled with snacks, drinks, and cooking materials that bestow upon you the magical experience of the world’s countries through your taste buds. I’m not kidding, they have every country you can think of off the top of your head. Look at those boxes stuffed to the brim with foods you can’t get anywhere besides Try The World and the actual country they originate from!


7. Vertical Waffle Maker


I’m a waffle lover, it’s true. Sorry you pancake people out there! Cuisinart knows the way to my heart. Forget the grimy waffle makers you see at your local Holiday Inn Express, and check out the pristine vertical-pour maker pictured here. Whip up the batter, pour it in, cook it up, flip it over, and BOOM breakfast is served.



As I mentioned before, I got the idea from My Easy Gifter’s unique Valentine’s chocolate post which you can find HERE. Writing this post has made me very hungry. Instead of eating out for the next month, I’m tempted to buy everything listed here!

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