7 Best Sunglasses Brands You’ve Never Heard Of

It’s finally getting to be Spring, and with it comes that beautiful ball of burning hydrogen gas in the sky. With the warmer months comes a different style. Ditch the scarf and pick up a pair of stylish sunglasses for 2018!

Our list doesn’t have your run of the mill Ray-Bans, Oakleys, or Costas. We want you to look towards a new brand this year, maybe even one you’ve never heard of before (Ahem, check the title). There are many under rated sunglasses brands out there who are dominated by the big names. However, some of these brands can be seen being worn by some famous celebs. If the celebs are wearing it, I want it!



1. Westward Leaning


I might be most excited about the Westward Leaning brand. As you can see from the sunglasses above, they have some great styles. In fact, these sunglasses can be seen on the likes of Jennifer Lawrence, Cara Delevingne, Justin Bieber, and Charlie Heaton. Having big names wearing this brands makes you wonder if the name Westward Leaning will hit it big time pretty soon!

The website also has a cool Custom feature where you can mix and match your favorite lenses, frames, colors and materials. So even if you’re not a big fan of the sunglasses in the picture, there will always be a style for you!


2. ROAV Sunglasses

ROAV Sunglasses are the premiere foldable sunglasses on the market. They are durable so you won’t need to worry about breaking them, and they are lightweight so they are comfortable sitting on your face. ROAV carries great styles and each pair comes with a nifty carrying case for easy storage when not in use.


3. Web Eyewear



Web Eyewear has built their brand off of bold, modern styles. Many of these styles are as original as can be. Straying away from only carrying Wayfarers or Aviators, Web Eyewear wants to shine in the sunglasses game. The majority of the styles are under $200 and are crafted with quality, so you get what you pair for. Plus, you’ll be turning heads.


4. Absurda


Absurda has a great story. Founded by designers and marketers who previously worked for the biggest sunglasses brands, Absurda stands to make an impact with their designs. These styles are designed and manufactured around the world in countries like Brazil, Argentina, Italy, Cambodia, and many more. Their inspiration comes from all over giving this brand a truly unique style. Also, with an affordable price point you can afford to experiment with different styles!


5. William Painter

William Painter is a fantastic brand! Their signature ‘Hook’ style sunglasses come equipped with a bottle opener right on the frame. No matter if you go to the beach, the lake, or outer space the ‘Hook’ has got you covered. Besides that, William Painter is an American sunglasses brad and they are of the utmost quality. Created with titanium, these sunglasses are built to last.



6. Quattrocento


Quattrocento is a stunning Italian brand that is breaking the mold of the corporate giants in the sunglasses industry. They make their own designs and manufacture themselves in order to keep the price low while still maintaining quality and style. I’m a big fan of the glasses on the left side of the picture, The Gonzo.



7. Le Specs

Le Specs is awesome. They are a premium Australian sunglasses brand who combines unique style with quality and affordability. You won’t see any glasses higher than $120 on the site, but you will see a great style that you’ll love! This is another brand that is catching the attention of celebrities with big names like Gigi Hadid, Kendall Jenner, and Rihanna seen wearing these styles.

We hope you decide to take a look at alternative brands for your next sunglasses purchase this year. Let us know which brand you like the best on Instagram at @giftbucketlist. Don’t forget to spoil yourself every now and then.

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