5 Ways To Pick The Perfect Gift

Everybody wants to be the MVP gift giver for all on their list in order to show just how important they are to you. Nobody wants to give a bad gift. But also not everyone wants to always put in the effort to pull off the perfect gift. It takes a lot of brain-power, sometimes a lot of driving to different stores to find it, and sometimes it takes a lot of money.


That’s where we come in. We are here to help you buy that perfect gift for all those important people in your life. Many times there are multiple perfect gifts for one specific person, so it is not as hard as it may seem. There is a little over two weeks until Christmas, so we still have time!


What makes a perfect gift? This usually falls into three categories. A perfect gift could be one they will use all the time. Whether it helps them on a daily basis or makes life easier for certain tasks, they will think about you each time they use it. Another perfect gift is the thoughtful gift. The thoughtful gift shows that you have put in the effort and you wanted them to know you were thinking about them and listening to what they say. The final perfect gift could be one that brings you closer to that person and helps make memories. Check out these 5 ways to choose one of these perfect gifts.


1. Send A Message With Your Gift

Whether we know it or not, we are always sending messages with the gifts we buy. Oh, I got an electric toothbrush, are my teeth dirty? Or, you got perfume for Christmas, does that mean you stink? Sometimes, these messages are not on purpose or you can read too deeply into them.


Now, what you can do is look for gifts based on the question “What do I want my message to this person to be?” Think of messages like “I want Alice to know I love her”, or “I want to help Bryan explore his passion for photography”, or even “I want Jason to know I care about our relationship”. Whatever gift or activity you think would help to send these messages is a way to give the perfect gift. Even think about adding a special hand written note in there.


2. Think About What They NEED

Have you noticed that your brother has had a hole in his shoe for a couple months? Did your mom mention that her toaster oven is on the fritz? Can you think of a gift that would totally solve a problem that is the major source of nagging by a loved one?


Sometimes a life necessity or new version to something they already have makes a great gift! The next time you are with a person on your list seize the opportunity to take notice of what they use on a daily basis, pay attention to “I wish I had…” statements, and look for any noticeable wear and tear.


Many times people will put off replacing a worn down item they own because it may still function enough. It’s okay to spoil them with a brand new version of something they already have as it sends the message that you notice they use this product all the time so why not have a shiny new one?


3. Search For Their Wishlist On Amazon

Life Hack Alert! You can search for your friend and family’s Amazon wishlists. Find the Accounts & Lists tab, then click “Find A List Or Registry” and you can search by name or email address.


Feel like a secret agent by doing some reconnaissance on their wishlist. Then you can actually buy a gift they want, or at least have been looking at. When in doubt, do some spying! If they ask “how did you know I wanted this?” you have to keep it a secret. Sssssshhhhhh!


4. Give An Experience You Can Do Together

I really like this one. Get two tickets for a concert you both can attend together. Not only are you giving a great experience to them but also you get to go to and you get to spend some quality time together.


There are so many different types of experiences you can give as a gift. Try a wine tasting tour, go for a massage, attend a concert, or take a fun community class! Groupon has a great selection and cheap prices for experiences. If you run out of options this is an easy, yet fun Plan B.


5. Pay Attention And Take Notes All Year Round

This isn’t always the most popular option. You mean I have to pay attention to what people are saying? Well geez that’s a tough one. However, it will save you so much time and effort when it comes to the holiday season.


During daily conversations or even small talk, you should usually be able to pick up on some hints. Listen for the “I wish I had…” statements from Step 2. Also, listen for times when they mention something they have is broken, or “I could really use…” statements. Chances are your friends have screenshots on their phones of things they want as well.


Once you pinpoint things they may need or want jot that down or better yet put it in the notes section of your phone for easy access. Then once next year rolls around you have a whole list of possible gifts you can get for each person on your list! This is the main reason for people who give great gifts. They just pay attention on a regular basis!






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