15 iPhone Accessories That Make Great Gifts

Apple is slowly taking over the world. Everywhere you look people are using their iPhones. I know I’m just a puppet to the greater machine, but my short attention span doesn’t allow me to care all that much as long as my iPhone can do what I need it to do.

“There’s an app for that” has become a big saying nowadays, but is there really ALWAYS an app for that? Is there an app to upgrade your camera to 20 Megapixels? No, but there is a cool iPhone accessory that will do that.

We have created a list of 15 really cool products that will upgrade your iPhone to incorporate features you never thought possible. Whether you’re a gadget geek or an internet entrepreneur, you will be able to find something useful on this list. Enjoy!



1. iPhone Gaming Case – $11.55


I’ll refer to this as the Gameboy case because it looks like one, although it has no affiliation to Nintendo. There are 2000 downloadable games for this iPhone case. That’s insane! It’s a perfect little distraction for long workday boredom or when you’re sitting at the Dentist’s office waiting for him to make your gums bleed. This case also protects your phone from fall damage, so all around this is a great choice for your next phone case and it makes a fun gift!



2. Apexel iPhone Camera Lens Kit – $22.99

This is a great kit because there are 10 different lens configurations. Included is a fish eye lens, a 15X macro lens, a wide lens, a kaleidoscope lens and more! If you are someone you know love taking pictures with your iPhone, this is definitely the kit for you. These lenses are made from aluminum, not cheap plastic, so they are built to last, and for the price this kit is the best option!



3. iPhone Projector Case – $259

This iPhone projector case would be such a cool gift! For one thing, it’s just nifty as hell! But also it can be used for many different occasions. Whether you are sitting at home and want to watch a movie on the big screen, or you need to give a presentation at work, or maybe you just want to show off. Either way, get prepared to be wowed by the 1080p display on this bad boy. I would personally love this as a gift!



4. Insta360 Dual VR Camera – $239

This virtual reality iPhone accessory is awesome! Not only will it film 360 degree VR footage, but it also takes normal videos in 4K, and it takes normal photos with it’s 20MP lens. The iPhone 8 camera takes photos with a 12 MP lens, so you are greater a phenomenally greater camera with the Insta360 than your normal iPhone capabilities.

If you are a video maker, or want to start making videos, but don’t want to dish out a thousand dollars for a nice camera, this is such a great alternative! It would make a useful and exciting birthday or even Christmas present too!



5. 6 Foot Indestructible iPhone Charging Cables – $10.99


Have you ever had the issue of your standard issue iPhone charging cables bending and tearing? It’s a major problem. These cables are wrapped with nylon giving them extra protection, so no more wasted charging cables! Plus, they are 6 feet long! Who couldn’t use some extra length? That way you can actually roll over in your bed while your phone is charging and not be confined to laying on your left shoulder for an hour.



6. Run4Life Sport Headphones – $23.99


I know I can’t keep the Apple earbuds in my ears when I’m running, and many others have the same issue. Technically, these exercise headphones are specifically for the iPhone, but I can’t miss a chance to advertise for a new great pair of headphones that won’t fall out while I’m working out. Run4Life created these headphones to stay in place in your ear, and with active noise cancelling features you won’t struggle to hear your jams because of the hustle and bustle of the outside world.



7. Shure MV88 Stereo Microphone – $149


I truly believe there is an iPhone accessory for just about everything you could think of. This stereo microphone attachment is perfect for recording crystal clear audio for interviews or even your next jam session. If you are a vlogger or social media influencer, this would be a great product to make sure your video/audio quality is at it’s peak. You could invest in a $1000 microphone, but why drop all that money when you can have the versatility and quality of the Shure MV88. Check it out!



8. BACtrack Breathalyzer – $94.99


I want to be perfectly clear that I support and condone safe drinking and safe rides home. But, the next time you are out at the bar only expecting to have “one or two” drinks, use your BACtrack breathalyzer when you are honest with yourself that you’ve had three or four drinks. It should only be used to decide whether you are under the limit to drive, but it can also be fun to pick out the drunkest of your friend group at parties.



9. Atech Bluetooth Receiver – $49.99


The Atech Bluetooth Receiver is a cool little gadget. Plug it into your car stereo for Bluetooth capabilities or turn your plug in Apple headphones into a pair of Bluetooth headphones. Really, you can transform any stereo system with an aux port into a Bluetooth capable machine!



10. Auxiwa Selfie Light – $13.99


This clip-on selfie light really lets you take the perfect picture wherever you are! If you’re in a dark club, don’t post a dark, grainy photo. Instead, whip out the selfie light and take a clear, illuminated picture! I can think of so many places where this would come in handy. At the club, in a shadowy forest while hiking, a dimly lit restaurant or anywhere with not the best lighting. You might wonder, but what about the front facing camera flash? Let’s be honest it doesn’t work very well. Auxiwa has created a professional quality light for you, and it would make a great gift for any selfie taker (i.e. everyone).



11. Photofast Call Recorder – $114.95


I know when I’m doing spy work I sometimes need to discreetly record a phone call to gather intel. But for the more civilian reasons to record a phone call might be for interviews if you’re a journalist, or if you’re gathering information for a book and want to go back to listen to your conversation with a consultant. There can be lots of reasons why you would want to record a phone conversation and the Photofast all in one iPhone call recorder is the tool for the job.



12. Inkcase – $84


Inkcase is the second screen for your phone. There are tons of useful features including: an ereader function, high res black and white photos, news and weather updates, a calendar, and much more! The Inkcase also has “Military drop protection”, which basically means your phone and case won’t break if it falls out of your hand. I really like gadgets so this would make a unique gift for those gadget lovers in your life!



13. Kodak Printing Dock – $139.99


The Kodak smartphone adaptable printing dock makes it so easy to print out those pictures clogging up your photo album on your iPhone. It’s a hassle to send off your photos to a third party and wait for them to print them out and send them back to you. The ease of printing your memories out in a physical form to scrapbook with or make a collage with a friend is well worth the money.



14. Volterman Powerbank Wallet – $165

This product actually will retail for $238, but if you pre-order now on Indiegogo you will receive 30% off for the special price of $165. What all can a $165 wallet do? Let me explain these awesome features.

First of all the Volterman wallet acts as a normal wallet able to hold cards and cash. Woo-hoo right? Well, it also features a powerbank with a small attachment cable so you can charge your phone wherever you go. It also includes a notification system that sends you a message on your phone if you leave your wallet behind somewhere. One of the coolest features, though, is the anti-thief camera. If someone were to pickpocket you and take your Volterman wallet, it will snap their picture when they open it up and send the picture right to your phone. Not only that but it has a global GPS chip in it so you can track down that pesky thief.

Volterman truly thought of everything when creating this product. Their Indiegogo page says they are in the production stage, and next up is the shipping stage. So, hurry in and pre-order for that special discount!



15. Boomstick – $10.88

Boomstick is an audio amplifier and sound enhancer. You can even make that $5 pair of headphones from the gas station sound good. Plug it into your iPhone and then your headphones straight into the Boomstick and experience how music should really be listened to. Plus, you can even plug it into your car stereo and act like you’re in a live concert on your way to work!

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