15 Graduation Gifts They Will Actually Want

High school and college graduations are right around the corner. It’s a time of excitement, anxiety, and the glow of a bright future. This is one of those opportunities to show how proud you are of your graduate.

We have compiled a list of great and, most of all, useful graduation gift ideas. Whether you have a loved one graduating from high school or college you will definitely be able to find something they will love in this list.


For High School Grads

1. Crosley Portable Briefcase Record Player


Everything that is retro is coming back into style. 90’s jeans, neon shirts, rad sunglasses, and especially record players are highly envied. If you want your new college student to make friends get them this Crosley record player so they can invite people over to jam to a record. Didn’t think you’d ever hear people saying that again huh?

This briefcase record player has high quality, full range speakers, bluetooth capability, and three turntable speeds. It’s affordable, portable, and looks great making this a useful present for incoming college students!



2. A New Laptop


Every college student will need a new laptop that will last them at least the four, sometimes five, years of tough academic work. Many students go for a Macbook, but try checking out the Surface Pro!



3. Noise Canceling Headphones


Noise cancelling headphones are a must in college! Whether it be a noisy study area or loud roommates, your college student will need to drown out the ambient sound to help them get their work done. There is something about college students and music. It helps connect and start conversations and it’s a great way to make friends! Besides the personal study space, these headphones facilitate a deep music experience.



4. Hammock


Hammocks are the epitome of college. String them up at the quad or visit a local park for a peaceful studying experience. Or hop in your hammock for a nice nap! Bear Butt hammocks are a great choice, check it out!



5. Amazon Prime


Amazon Prime is generally a great service regardless if you are in college or not. But college students do get a great discount so it is well worth the investment. Get quick shipping on college textbooks or a new phone charger when they lose it at the library. Your college students will love having Amazon Prime!



6. Posters


Posters are a great way to express your creative side or your passions in your dorm room. Pictured above are awesome bucket list posters! Also consider car posters, movie posters, posters about their favorite TV shows. Don’t let your college students dorm room go undecorated!



7. Lights


Hanging lights aren’t just for Christmas! They make a great decorations for dorm rooms, apartments, and houses. Hanging lights create a warm atmosphere and aren’t as harsh as normal lights. Choose from these warm yellow lights are go crazy with all sorts of colors!



8. Phone Case Wallet


Young people don’t go anywhere without their phones. That’s a fact. A wallet phone case is a great gift because that way they will always have their credit card and cash with them! A useful gift for any college student.



For College Graduates

9. A Nice Watch


A nice watch is a memento to the victory of graduating from college. An especially nice watch can be worn for decades and they will always remember that special day they received it. For many reasons watches are sentimental, displaying the passage of time literally and figuratively. One day your college graduate can pass down their watch to their own children.



10. Framed Diploma


Having a framed diploma is paramount to displaying the massive achievement of graduating with a degree. You don’t want to keep your diploma wrapped up and stored away in a box in the attic! Not everyone graduates from Harvard like in the picture above, but look how fancy that is. The link will take you to Framebridge, a wonderful framing company that will make your academic success look amazing.



11. Luggage


You know you’re an adult in the real world when you get a nice set of luggage for your college graduation. It might not be the flashiest gift, but it is an extremely useful one. Now they can stop throwing all of their clothes into a duffel bag and pack like an adult. Plus, hopefully once your college grad gets a real job they will have some money to travel and really put these babies to the test.



12. A Subscription Box


HERE is a great list of subscription boxes. These monthly gifts allow your college graduate to explore passions, taste new foods, and acquire high quality lifestyle products. It’s the gift that keeps on giving!



13. Professional Clothes


Now that your graduate will be out in the workforce they will need some spiffy clothes. There are tons of places to buy professional wear. Also, many times it is tough to shop for clothes for someone else. Consider buying them a giftcard to one of their favorite places and let them stock their wardrobe with the finest linens. Looking good, feeling good!



14. French Press

If they weren’t drinking coffee in college chances are they will start when they start working. Although coffee pods are easy, you can get much better coffee from a french press. Smooth, rich, delicious.



15. A New TV


If your graduate has been using a hand-me-down TV throughout college it might be time for a nice new, crisp TV. They will need it when they move into their new place!

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