11 Etsy Shops You Should Check Out

I believe in supporting local artist, small businesses and all those folks who are ‘just trying to make it’. When someone puts it all on the line and invests in themselves and their idea, that’s when you know they have passion.


Etsy allows passionate creators to bring us new, high quality products and projects. Sometimes we need to take a step out of the big box stores and look elsewhere to fit our needs. I have compiled a list of 11 Etsy shops you have probably never heard of, but you can find a gift for just about anyone in this list.



1. Sarah K Benning DIY Embroidery

Unless you are a seasoned pro at cross-stitching, chances are you haven’t been searching around for DIY embroidery sites. Sarah K Benning has a fantastic shop on Etsy that caters to beginners and veterans alike. She even has a monthly subscription where you can do knew designs each month! Learn a new skill, spend some quality time with a loved one, and create a brightly colored creation of your own.


2. Gazur Leather Wallets

Gazur Studios creates high-quality, recycled leather wallets and bags, plus they make scarves and more! A great looking minimalist wallet would make a great gift for that young professional in your life, or even for that friend who has had the same wallet for 15 years. The folks at Gazur create beautiful products while being economically friendly, definitely a worthy cause.


3. Pop Chart Lab Infographics

Based in Brooklyn, Pop Chart Lab brings you meticulously detailed, visually appealing infographic posters based on all of your interests. You know that one friend who drank an IPA and then became a craft beer connoisseur? He probably needs PCL’s Very, Very Many Varieties of Beer Poster! There are great gift ideas for everyone. Whether you are interested in photography, coffee brewing, music, or overweight cats they have a poster for you! Okay, maybe not that last one…


4. Anna’s Uncanny Creatures

This might be my favorite shop in this list. I’m not so much as scared of these little creatures (I only cried once) as they unsettle me. I actually think these uncanny creatures by Anna are hilarious because that’s my type of humor. We all have friends who have a couple screws loose up there, and a special fluffy surprise would make a great gift!


5. Pokemaster Crafter

Pokemon was such a huge part of my generation’s upbringing, and PokeMasterCrafter on Etsy has created a classy way to continue being a Pokemon Master. I might go for Gengar to be honest. Anyways, each crystal pokeball comes with a lighted base to illuminate that beautifully lazer engraved Pokemon inside.


6. Lovely Lady Cat Docking Stations

I imagine most of the population could use a docking station like the ones created by Serge at LovelyLadyCat. Have all of your important items all in one place! With different layouts and capabilities, it is easy to find a design that has everything you need. Instead of buying a big box store’s docking station you should support local artists and creators, and Etsy has tons of them.


7. Coco Loves Yarn Home Knit Goods

Just like a cat, I too can be distracted by a ball of yarn. I love to curl up under a hand-knitted blanket full of love in each stitch. The purpose of this article is to bring attention to Etsy shops containing hand-made products by some really passionate people. Wouldn’t you rather have a blanket, scarf, or even birthday cards created by someone who loves what they do instead of going to a heartless warehouse of machine made items? CocoLovesYarn is a homemade store of heartwarming products inspired by a cuddly cat.


8. Lizush

Lizush creates all natural bath and beauty products, with some of their top products being luxury bath bombs and shower steamers. They put together wonderful gift baskets with everything you need for an at-home spa day. Treat yourself to Lizush’s quality products that will leave you relaxed and wanting more!


9. Homme Sur La Lune

You love your pets, right? Of course you do! With this Etsy store you can forever hang your beloved pet over your fireplace with a beautiful portrait. 100% made to order classic portraits allow you to display your pet the way you wish to remember them. Maybe you want to portray your cat as an astronaut or your pupper as a five star military general! No doubt Gerard at Homme Sur La Lune creates masterpieces each and every time.


10. Vert Plus Sauvage Terrariums

Have you ever heard of someone getting hyped about terrariums? Because I am hyped about these terrariums! The simplicity is calming, the bright colors are appealing, and the attention to detail is magical! Let your mind wander into your creativity as you look into the glass orb that is this terrarium. The reviews rave these small pockets of nature brighten any room, and many buyers have gotten a number of positive comments. A terrarium makes a pleasantly unique gift for any occasion.


11. Draw Me A Song

You don’t have to have Synesthesia in order to get a visual of the music you are listening to. For those who don’t know, Synesthesia is a neurological condition where the experience of stimuli gets crossed within the brain resulting in a dual perception. For example, you sense a certain taste when you look at the shape of a square, or you read words tinged in different colors.


Draw Me A Song is a wonderful concept to put song lyrics into art. View the flowing moves of Drake in Hotline Bling and experience the exciting visual representation of Girls Just Want To Have Fun. This is one unique shop with a gift for everyone!

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