10 Useful Housewarming Gift Ideas

It seems like someone I know is moving all the time. Moving to a new apartment or buying a new house, and this can be very exciting… and dreadful. A great way to help out a friend who is moving, without having to wake up early and carry heavy furniture all day, is to get them a housewarming gift! They will appreciate you thinking about them and will love to use what you spent your hard earned money on.

You could get a candle for a housewarming gift or you could get a unique gift that will improve their living experience. We have compiled 10 awesome ideas for you to consider for the next time friends or family move. Or maybe the next time you move you might just splurge on yourself!


1. Brookstone Towel Warmer


When I get out of the warm, decadent, luxurious shower out into the Arctic wasteland of a bathroom in the morning I swear my nipples are hard enough to cut glass. Imagine if you knew an equally warm towel was waiting to envelop you in its sweet downy embrace. I can’t even put into words how much this towel warmer would improve my life.

Its large enough to hold two extra large towels at the same time and warms each towel inside and out for a long lasting warmth. An easy timer feature lets you heat them for 15, 30, 45, or even 60 minutes. Although, I personally don’t need to use two towels after a shower, but I can throw my robe in there too. Dry off with a warm towel and wrap myself in a silky warm robe. Yep, that’s the life ladies and gentlemen.



2. Super Hero Kitten Shower Curtain


Speaking of showers, this super hero cat shower curtain would be a fun housewarming gift! A great way to show any cat lovers that you are happy for them in their new place. Plus, just look at that cute little face!




3. Click & Grow Smart Home Garden


With the Click & Grow gardening system, you can have fresh herbs right in your kitchen all year long! All you need to do is plant the seeds and fill the water tank and it takes care of the rest. A great gift for friends moving to a new apartment or first time home owners!



4. Rotating Makeup Organizer

When you move it’s a great time to purge all the stuff you don’t need and really get organized in your new place. Just look at how immaculate this rotating makeup organizer looks. There are slots up on top for lip sticks and nail polishes, and plenty of space down below for moisturizers, masks, and creams. This organizer boasts enough room to fit up to 200 beauty products! Get one of these for your clutter bug friend the next time they move, they will love you!



5. Ovente Electric Kettle


An electric kettle is a home essential and Ovente is top of the line for a great price. It has the ability to boil 1.5L of water in seven minutes. That’s pretty fast for an electric kettle. Look at me geeking over electric kettles. But I mean just look at the picture, it’s pretty cool right? This makes an easy and affordable house warming gift!


6. Squatty Potty

This might be a goofy gift, but it can actually be the best gift you could give – a better poop. The human body is actually made to poop while squatting and is so much better for you than sitting to go. This is a simple, yet useful housewarming gift. You might get some weird looks when you present your friend with the Squatty Potty, but after they use it one time they will love it!



7. Conair Dual Jet Bathtub Spa


Many homes or apartments don’t come equipped with a bathtub spa. The Conair Dual Jet spa clips onto any bathtub and give you those sweet, sweet bubbles to your bathtub experience. It’s like having a Jacuzzi right at home!



8. Camguardian Home Security


Give a new homeowner the peace of mind of a safe home. The Camguardian system by U-Tec offers an affordable and personal way to keep your home safe. Place the cameras indoors or outdoors and stream HD video right to your phone!



9. Any Sharp Knife Sharpener


One thing everyone needs when moving to a new place is a solid knife sharpener. If your place has a kitchen then you’ll need some kitchen knives and a knife sharpener. The Any Sharp sharpening system is so good, you can sharpen a $5 knife to be as sharp as a scalpel. It is so much easier to chop vegetables, cut meat, and slice bread with a sharp knife. Any Sharp is another easy and affordable housewarming gift idea.



10. EcoQube C


The EcoQube C is a self cleaning aquarium that uses hydroponics and the power of mother nature to keep your fishes’ water clean. When your fish secretes waste it makes the water dirty, but at the same time it helps to nourish the basil plant on top which in turn purifies the water. The creators of this astounding aquarium summed up the EcoQube in three words: “Lowest Maintenance Aquarium”. When you have an aquarium isn’t that what you really want?

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