10 Best Gifts For Book Lovers

Bookworms are surprisingly easy to find a gift for. They are naturally inquisitive and can find interest in a number of topics. If you find a book you think they will like, chances are they will actually read it. I personally love a book as a gift because it is that other person wanting to share knowledge with you and that’s a pretty cool feeling.

Now for the list! We have compiled a list of 10 things that are a book lover’s dream. These range from special editions to accessories that make the act of reading more pleasurable. If you want to start reading more books, keep reading this article and also look for some great resources near the end to help you pick out a great book!


1. Personalized Library Embosser – $23.95


Now this is awesome! Customize your very own library embosser to print your name on each book that you own. Imagine going through years of books and printing your name on each one. Then, when it comes time to purge the collection a bit and you sell off or donate them, people all over will have a book with your name on it. Or even on the other side of this situation, you gift someone this embosser and down the line find a book with their name on it! It’s a fun idea and makes growing your own library something to look forward to.



2. Cigarette Box Books – $60 (Pack of 6)


You don’t have to smoke cigarettes to enjoy one of these flip-top cigarette pack books. Tanks Books, a London based company, has created these nifty little on-the-go versions of some literary classics. You can find titles from Ernest Hemingway, Leo Tolstoy, and Robert Louis Stevenson. Not only are these books easy to carry and fun to read, but they are also a great conversation starter. “Where did you find those?” you may be asked. You can answer you found them on Gift Bucket List (shameless plug). Especially if you or a bookworm friend have not read these classics, what a cool special edition to own!



3. Floating Bookshelf – $24 (Pack of 4)


Whether you just want to display your favorite books or stick to to Sir Isaac Newton and defy the laws of gravity, these floating bookshelves are a fun and easy way to Wingardium Leviosa your Harry Potter collection. These steel shelves are surprisingly strong being able to support up to 15 pounds of books. With a pack of four shelves, that’s like… (counts on fingers) 60 pounds of books. Also, just look at how cool they look! You will definitely get some compliments on your book collection.


4. Obvious State Quote Illustrations – $19.20


Obvious States, an Etsy shop that deserves more credit, creates these amazing literary quote prints from famous authors such as Kate Chopin, T.S. Eliot, Jules Verne, F. Scott Fitzgerald, and many more! “Have you ever heard the earth breathe?” “Do I dare disturb the universe?”, just a couple of the powerful quotes displayed in artistic fashion.


5. Folding Book Light – $29.99


You might have seen this awesome folding book light in action on our Instagram, which you should follow by the way because our Insta-game is pretty high. Read your book by the light of this book! It also serves as a cool decor piece for any room. I love the fanned out pages, the soft illumination, and this particular light has the capability to display four different colors! A nifty gift for any book lover!


6. Kindle Oasis – $279


The new Kindle Oasis allows you to always be able to read on the go without bending pages or crushing the spines of your paperback books. Another awesome feature of the newest version of the iconic Ereader is that it is water resistant. No need to worry about the kids splashing you at the pool in the summer! The paper white screen doesn’t give you that glare either. A top of the line gift for any voracious reader out there.


7. Book Bath Caddy – $35


So much utility in such a simple bath caddy. Get ready to have a true spa-like experience! Hold your book at a perfect reading angle, securely place your wine glass in the specialty holder, and you have another holding area for a candle or your phone. Improve your bath game and your reading game all in one!


8. Book Darts – $13.81


This tin of Book Darts comes with 125 bronze markers. Easily keep track of the page, paragraph, and even sentence that you end on. Share them with your book club, or use multiple on your textbooks to keep track of those important chapters. Book Darts are such a simple, yet useful tool, everyone should have them!


9. Just The Right Book Subscription


Just The Right Book is a service that anyone who loves reading should know about. They have a team dedicated to matching you up with books you will enjoy based on your reading profile and preferences you give to set up your account. Plus, with their subscription service you can receive books that you will absolutely love periodically throughout the year. Depending on how quickly you read, the choices are 4, 6, and 12 books per year. Just The Right Book is like getting a recommendation from a close friend every time!


10. Folio Society Books


Folio Society is for collectors, fans, and overall book lovers alike. They create beautiful editions of all the classics, even including signed copies as options. It’s one thing to own your favorite book, but it’s a whole other experience to own a rare Folio Society edition of your favorite book. Giving a Folio Society book as a gift would be the gift of the century for literary lovers.



We truly hope this list gives you some great ideas for the book lovers in your life, or even adds some items to your own Gift Bucket List. As I mentioned at the beginning, another great resource to find the best prices for books is ThriftBooks. If you follow the link and sign up with ThriftBooks, you will receive 15% off your first order. This site has the absolute lowest prices on just about any book you could want. Also, score great deals like 2 for $7, 3 for $10, and 4 for $12 on paperback books. Grow your library or give a library full of books as a gift at an affordable price!

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